electric bass notes

Bass Notes on the Neck

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Welcome ! to this beginner bass lesson.

The most important thing you should know to play the bass is where are notes on the bass neck.

That’s why here you’re gonna find the bass neck with notes ! but….what is the neck of bass ?

Generally made of wood or any other alternative material, the neck can be screwed to the body (bolt-on models) or form a single piece with it (neck-through body models).

Its main function is to transmit the vibration of the strings to the body.

Where are the bass guitar notes on the neck ?

The answer is in the bass fretboard

Knowing the notes on the bass is essential to be able to play the Bass Scales

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Bass Fretboard

The bass fretboard is a piece that itÂŽs generally on the neck. The most common woods in its construction are Rosewood, Ebony, Wenge and Maple and that’s where we’re gonna find the notes on electric bass.

The order of the bass fretboard notes is the same as on any instrument, i.e. the form is by semitones.

You can see the fretboard bass notes in these pictures and you can compare with or without sharp/flat notes.

Now, Check the bass fretboard diagram,

bass guitar notes on fretboard

Easy, isn’t it?
Have you already compared the bass notes on the fretboard ? ok !

We’ve already done the hard part and we’ve realized that notes on a bass guitar neck is similar to the bass notes on fretboard.

As we started with the hardest thing now we get the easiest thing that is learn the notes for bass guitar strings ,this is, the name of the bass open strings or open bass notes.

4 Strings Bass Guitar Notes

The electric bass notes  are distributed in intervals of perfect fourth, this means that from note to note there are 4 music notes.

If my first note is “E” the next one will be “A” and the next one ?

As you know we have electric basses of 4 strings, 5 strings and even 6 strings. Check out this 4 strings bas guitar notes chart:

electric bass stings notes

Now we will explain this in detail, all the notes of the bass…or rather the notes of the electric bass in all the basses !… what a mess !

Well, let’s make a classification of the basses in relation to the strings they have and their notes on the bass neck.

These are the open notes of the bass, this means that we find them when we play the string in a natural way without using the hand that plays the bass fingerboard.

To find out where the notes are on the bass neck above there is a very clear diagram of the bass fretboard with notes where each natural note and each altered note is.

5 Strings Bass Guitar Notes

electric bass guitar notes 5 strings

Bass Fretboard Trainer

Tips for learning the bass notes and bass fretboard memorization:

  • When you go to study, always have at hand a bass fretboard chart and a 4 string bass notes chart ✅
  • Learn notes on the bass guitar neck but string by string ✅
  • Try to close your eyes and image a bass guitar fretboard diagram in your mind ✅
  • You must memorice and then you will visualice the bass guitar fretboard ✅
  • Try to learn each note separately on the bass, e.g. play all F pitch notes starting from the E string ✅

Do you have doubts ?

leave us a comment and we will answer you !! Good luck !!

Tuning an Electric Bass

With all these indications of bass notes, now it’s time to do the perfect electric bass tuning.

âŹ‡ïž Tuning Electric bass âŹ‡ïž

4-String Electric Bass Tuning

  • 1st string:   Pitch Note G – In the tuner you will find a “G” is the thinnest and the higher string.
  • 2nd string: Pitch Note D – In the bass tuner you will find it for a “D”.
  • 3rd string: Pitch Note  A – In the tuner you will find it for an “A”.
  • 4th string: Pitch Note  E  – In the tuner you will find the “E” is the thickest and most lower string.

5-String Electric Bass Tuning

The tuning is the same as the four-string bass but has an even lower string added:

  • 1st string: Pitch Note G
  • 2nd string: Pitch Note D
  • 3rd string:  Pitch Note  A
  • 4th string: Pitch Note  E
  • 5th string: Pitch Note  B – In the tuner you will find the “B” is the thickest and most lower string

Bass Tuner Online

Take a look at this online bass tuner is a good exercise to go catching ear.

Try tuning your bass with the sounds of this youtube bass tuner !