dorian scale for bass

Dorian Bass Scale

Well, here’s a lesson in playing the Dorian scale for bass.

This is a fundamental scale for any musician, as it is widely used on minor chords.

Many times it is exchanged with the minor pentatonic scale.

It is the grade II of the major tonality, therefore, we can use two names to name this scale:

  • Dorian Scale bass
  • Dorian Mode bass

Fingering to play the Dorian scale on Bass

In this bass pdf you will see 3 ways that exist to play the scale or Dorian mode in bass.

the dorian bass scale

The next dorian bass scale fingering is with the two finger:

the dorian mode on bass

Another alternative fingering for the Dorian scale bass is with finger four:

dorian scale for bass guitar

How is the Dorian scale formed ?

The Doric mode has seven notes and these are the distances between them.


As you can see this scale has a major 6th !! this is its characteristic note.

The intervalic of the Dorian bass scale is:

  • Root
  • major second
  • minor third
  • perfect fourth
  • perfect fifth
  • major sixth
  • minor seventh

1, 2, b3, 4, 5, 6, b7

How do I use the Dorian mode on Bass?

Whenever we have a minor chord we will be able to use it, although it must be taken into account that the grade from where it starts is the second of the tonality.


We will combine it perfectly with the minor pentatonic scale or the minor pentatonic scale.

We will have to be careful with the characteristic note when resting on it because it forms tritone with the third of the chord, even so, in a modal context this should not worry us at all because it is its note of color.

We will be able to use the Dorian scale over these chords:

Examples from (A) pitch note:

  • Minor triad chords – Am ✅
  • Suspended chords 2 or 4  – Asus2, Asus4 ✅
  • Minor chords with add 9 – Am add9 ✅
  • Minor sixth chords – Am6  ✅
  • Minor seventh chords, 9 and 11– Am7, Am9, Am11 ✅

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